THE BEATING - February 18, 2001 - The Rock

Why must we drink here when the band is over there?.
Not bad for a Sunday.
Why they make you drink on the other side of the net.
Two reasons The Beating rules.
Two reasons, Part 2.
Males wishing to grasp Two Reasons.
Perhaps envious of Two Reasons?
New Beating friend from the Art Dept. taking a shot.
Getting a different angle on Two Reasons.
Leather pants and a wife-beater. Not high on your mom's list
    of who you can date.

Didn't listen to her mom.
Security dances, John looks stoic.
More kind audience members.
One more stage conquered, or was that liquored?
John's thinking, "Uh, like who the fuq are these people anyway?"
Jethro shoots his arty photo for the month.
Something strange is going on here.

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