aka Sex Machine

The Satin Cowboy, A.K.A Sex Machine, was born in the back of a pick-up truck under a full moon. He grew up rasslin bear and roping wild pigs. Later he discovered the Mojo ran deep in his family. His Grand Daddy was a pimp, his Great Grand Daddy was a pimp, his daddy was a rolling stone. Their were even rumors of distant cousins gigaloing (jigga what?) their way through Mexico. He decided to give up roping critters and decided to focus on roping bootie. After a brief stint as Winger's frontman, he started his own band, Whole Lotta Butt. After a wild ride to the top of the Omaha club scene, the group disbanded, leaving a gap in the music world, and in Satin's life. With his "money for nothing and chicks for free" lifestyle in danger, he knew he needed a fresh start. After paying the membership fee and sponge bathing his way through the initial hazing process, he was a member of the New Age Rightwing C! hristian supergroup, The Beating.

Bio written by Yo mama's DJ

The Satin Cowboy can be roped at