THE BEATING - February 23, 2001 - 7 Black Cats

David with the pre-game show.
Vee haff vays uff making you talk, Satin Cowboy.
Cute picture #1.
Engineering love. Ain't it special?
Chris asking, "Is my drummer's 'fro in the way?"
Single File Noise. Playing for the monkey.
We got some strange fans.
Jake and some random babes.
Part of why we get so many gigs.
Beating action.
Enjoying the microphone feedback.
Barely fitting on the stage.
Kim and Onan the Barbarian.
Hot fans! Why The Beating gets so many gigs.
Glad the fire marshall didn't see this.
One of our sexy photographers.
Kim and Onan the Barbarian #2.
Onan with microphone shaped tumor growing out of head.
The tumor's on the move.
Jethro trying to stay awake.
So that's what he looks like back there.
Onan and Silas.
Cute picture #2.
Jethro's arty re-touch for the week.
View from above.
View from above #2.
View from above #3, Where's Waldo?
View from above #3, Where's Waldo, Part 2?
Tattoo of the week. Name the location.

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