THE BEATING - May 25 + 26, 2001 - Coyote Joe's - Prescott, AZ

Photos courtesy Rehab Center and Switchbox.
Onan: Teenbeat shot.
Satin Cowboy: Teenbeat shot.
Agent Jethro: Hit Parader shot.
More Beating.
Vikas: Down Beat shot.
Onan: Tigerbeat shot.
Siren: Black Belt shot.
Onan: Pima County Dept of Corrections profile shot.
Siren & Onan: Village of the Damned production still.
Vikas: Drum! shot.
Siren & Onan again.
Agent Jethro: Trucking Today shot.
Satin Cowboy: CyborgWorld shot.
Tito, Jermaine, Randy, Marlon.
Tito, Jermaine, Randy, Marlon, Part 2.
More, more Beating.
More, more, more Beating.
Sensitive moment.
Other half of sensitive moment.
Did you say steak?
The Intimate Series: Vikas.
The Intimate Series: Onan.
The Intimate Series: Onan II.
The Intimate Series: Satin.
The Intimate Series: Siren.
The Intimate Series: Jethro.
Let your girlfriend pick the caption...
Agent Jethro: Bass Player shot.
Famous topless bar seating posture.
Where's mah hoz?
More new Beating friends (note perv in the corner).
"Did you see that perv looking at us? Like, oh, my god."
Watch out, that chick's doing some kung-fu shite back there.
More, more, more, more Beating.
Love, or something.
More reasons you should have come to Prescott.
TBow: happy. Morgan: stoic. Beating: back there somewhere.
One more cracked-out picture.
The African Ant-Eater Dance.
Now it's getting a bit wild.
The entire population of Prescott.
You tell it, sista!
You tell it, sista! Part 2.
In line to visit parole officer.
Always look to Jethro for the new fashion trends.
Revenge of the balloon mutants.
Revenge of the balloon mutants, Part 2.
I don't feel very punk today.

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