THE BEATING - May 25 + 26, 2001 - Coyote Joe's - Prescott, AZ

Hillbilly relatives.
Gee, looks like Onan really likes his food!
Kim, nekkid, in Prescott.
Where's the violin player?
Remember when they were known as The Hillbilly Trio?
The Beating loves you Bad Kitty, come back soon!
Colored lights and drunk people with digital cameras.
Cute couple (over-exposed).
Cute couple, Part 2 (over-exposed in private).
Cute couple, Part 3 (over-exposed).
Cute couple, Part 4 (not exposed enough).
A sighting of the legendary Tbowhunter.
Drummer for Switchbox signing underwear autographs.
Mr. Catfish.
Hillbilly relatives, Part 2.
Hillbilly relatives, Part 3.
Is that a Rubix Cube he's holding? Glad our shows are that exciting.
Agent Jethro apologizing in advance for what he is about to sing.
Denizens of the Rehab sit in for "Enter Banjoman".
Future line-up of Molly Hatchet.
"You're all gonna die in there!" - Old Man from Poltergeist 2.
"I drove all the way to Prescott and all I got was this lousy cup of coffee."
Uh, yeah...
New aerodynamic tricycle racing helmet for Special Olympics 2003.
Getting laid very soon.
"When wild tards attack!".
Mr. Cat understands.
It's spreading like a virus (your mom, that is).

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