Official Beating Advice Columnist

-Age: unspecified
-Sex: yes please
-Favorite Animal: Sloach Moth
-Hobbies: Interpretive dance/performance art, collecting fingernail clippings from the trash behind hair and nail salons, back shaving.
-15 minutes of fame: Pioneered the filthi™ look by appearing at the 1997 oscars in a silk dress covered in fresh mud.
-Favorite piece of trivia: Hair and nail salons throw out over 45 pounds of fingernail clippings per year!
-Favorite quote: "LA is like, nowhere. Everyone who lives there is lost."
-Favorite movie: Sophie's Choice
-Favorite Food: cactus

Filthi was born son of Byford, Brother of Al in Memphis, Madagascar. His parents were two coal miners who died shortly after his 1st birthday, leaving him to be raised by a colony of termites. His uncanny ability to point out other peoples' problems naturally led him to a career as an advice columnist, but only after several years as a department store Santa followed by a short stint as a guitarist for A Flock of Seagulls. He quit the band due to an argument and ensuing fisticuffs with the lead singer. To this day he claims that the song "Iran" was about his experiences growing up within the termite mound. This claim has yet to be confirmed. He reappeared several years later writing an advice column for the New York Times under the pen name Dear Flabby. Since then he could often be found floating through dark aqueducts, or lurking in dank highway rest stop toilets. Currently he lives in a monastery in Tucson, Az. His insightful putdowns disguised as advice can be found on The Beating website on The Beatdown.

If you would like to Ask Filthi™ a question, email The advice will be dished out to you on The Beatdown, or privately if you wish.